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Research Computing Team

Contact us by emailing an individual team member, or email We’re located at 1114 S. Manitou Avenue on the Boise State campus.

Steve Cutchin, Director of Research ComputingSteve Cutchin, Ph.D.

Director of Research Computing & Associate Professor
Phone: (208) 426-5053

Oversees all programs, policies, and infrastructure within the Research Computing Services Department.

Jason WattJason Watt

Senior Cyberinfrastructure Engineer
Phone: (208) 426-3904

Works with Boise State researchers, postdocs and graduate students to provide expertise in parallel software development; leverage existing on- and off-campus CI resources to increase computational science; develop solutions for big data transfer, storage and retrieval; and advance education and broaden knowledge of CI resources through community engagement.

Kelly ByrneKelly Byrne

Senior High Performance Computing System Administrator
Phone: (208) 996-2467

Responsible for operations of high-performance computing (HPC)  and infrastructure technology solutions to enable and optimize business and research capabilities. Interacts with scientists and senior management to understand computational and data storage needs and to  plan and deliver solutions. Responsible for working closely with scientists in enabling data analytics and visualizations. Support Linux and Windows based systems including virtual workstations, laboratory instrument controllers, applications, databases and large storage systems.

Tyler BevanTyler Bevan

HPC Engineer

Administers high performance computing clusters and assists researchers with installation, configuration, and running of various modeling and scientific softwares. Also, helps coordinate network storage and big data projects.

Forrest BurtForrest Burt

HPC Technician

Supports researchers on campus by providing high performance computing services and coordinating for storage and movement of big data.

Kyle ShannonKyle Shannon

Senior Software Engineer
Phone: (208) 538-9597

Assists researchers with programming tasks including optimization, debugging, and creating software for specific tasks. Automates recurring/repetitive tasks using software or other tools. Adapts existing code or tools to better fit research goals. Assists with data access, modification, extraction and translation.

Mendi Edgar portrait

Mendi Edgar

Associate Director
Phone: (208) 918-1398

Supports program planning and implementation, operations management, and grant development.

Advisory Board

Boise State University Research Cyberinfrastructure Advisory Council


  • Harold Blackman, Interim Vice President of Research
  • Max Davis-Johnson, Chief of Information Technology
  • Stephen Cutchin, Associate Professor (Computer Science) and Director of Research Computing
  • Lejo Flores, Associate Professor (Geosciences)
  • Eric Jankowski, Assistant Professor (Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering)
  • Timothy Anderson, Professor (Computer Science)
  • Rex Oxford, Associate Dean for College of Engineering
  • Michelle Armstrong, Associate Dean and Head, Scholarly Communications and Data Management, Albertsons Library

Purpose: To guide, advise, and prioritize research computing projects, investments, and practices.

Mission: The mission of the Boise State University Research Cyberinfrastructure Advisory Council is to ensure robust and reliable environment for Boise State University researchers and faculty: to provide network speed, computational power, storage, and connectivity seamlessly while ensuring centralized support and communication for ongoing CI efforts.

Meeting Frequency: Once per month