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Data Management: Storage, Sharing, & Publishing


We provide a variety of storage solutions to support local and inter-institutional research teams with data sets of all sizes, from less than 1 TB to greater than 100 TB. Whether configuring a Windows share drive for local teams with smaller data sets or setting up a Linux NFS distributed file system, our consultants can help you get to the right storage solution.


Needs for data transfer and sharing depend on the size of the data, how often it needs to be transferred and who needs to access it. Without the right plan, the process can quickly get bogged down or halted. Our team can help you get the right connection to move your data around for easy sharing, whether it’s using the university’s centralized 10GB fiber loop, the Idaho Regional Optical Network (IRON), Internet2, or Quilt.

Globus – We can also help get you set up with Globus, a service for transferring and sharing data from a variety of devices and endpoints using a web browser. Visit the Globus website to learn more and create an account at Once you’re set up, Research Computing can help with the data transferring or sharing process.

Connecting & Publishing to ArcGIS  – Research Computing Support has developed documentation that provides an introduction to publishing services using ArcGIS technology and the tools needed to do so. Read more about this service on our Connecting & Publishing to ArcGIS page to read more.

OPeNDAP  – The Boise State OPeNDAP platform, known as BoiseDAP, provides web access , viewing, and conversion for GIS (Global Information Service) data. Read more about this service on our BoiseDAP page.


Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) – We also provide consultation, together with the Albertson’s Library data management team, to determine the best options for long-term data storage, archiving, and publishing, including digital object identifiers (DOIs). Visit the Albertsons Library Data Management Services web page for more