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Acknowledging Use of R2 or Personnel

Citation & Acknowledgment Formats

Help us ensure continued support from internal and external resources, such as NSF and others, for future HPC systems by helping us to identify R2 and R2 personnel-supported scientific results. You can do this through citation, acknowledgment, and/or by submitting an accomplishment statement directly to Information about each of these options is detailed below.

We prefer that you cite your use of the R2 system with the following citation format modified as needed to conform with citation style guidelines. Be sure to use the digital object identifier (DOI) as shown; it is unique to R2.

Citation Format

  • [1] Boise State’s Research Computing Department. 2017. R2: Dell HPC Intel E5v4 (High Performance Computing Cluster). Boise, ID: Boise State University. DOI: 10.18122/B2S41H.

Acknowledgment Formats

Acknowledgments are more difficult to track electronically because of the many possible variations, but you may choose to acknowledge support from Boise State’s Research Computing Department if the citation method described above is inappropriate. You may modify the following example as appropriate; however, please include at least the DOI in the acknowledgment text, as you would include funding agency award numbers.

R2 Acknowledgment
  • We would like to acknowledge high-performance computing support of the R2 compute cluster (DOI: 10.18122/B2S41H) provided by Boise State University’s Research Computing Department.
Personnel Acknowledgment

If any Research Computing staff member(s) assisted with the work in any way, then for each RC staff member that was involved in the work:

  • If (i) that staff member contributed significantly to the writing of the publication, and/or (ii) the publication includes a substantial amount of text about the work that the staff member contributed to (for example, if that staff member did a substantial amount of development and/or optimization of software), then that RC staff member should be included as a co-author on that publication, with author order to be negotiated among all the co-authors.

NOTE: This requirement can be waived for tenure track (but not yet tenured) faculty, or for other relevant circumstances, if the faculty member has a compelling interest in, for example, producing single-author publications for tenure-related reasons.

Accomplishment Statement

Upon completion of your project, we request that you provide a brief accomplishment statement that contains the following:

  • (a) the research results obtained using Boise State Research Computing resources,
  • (b) a list of scientific publications that resulted from this research,
  • (c) the names and affiliations of graduate students who used the resources, and
  • (d) the title, author, and relevant citation data for any theses or dissertations produced using the resources.

The accomplishment statement should be sent as a PDF to