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Access Instructions

HPC Accounts and Access

There are two types of High Performance Computing Cluster accounts as described below:

  1. Primary users of the cluster are faculty members who are PI’s of grants.
  2. Secondary users are Post-Docs/Grads/Undergrads or Employees under a PI’s grant funds

Note that Boise State faculty, students, and employees are restricted (must have a valid Bronco Web Login), and the HPC administrator in the Research Computing Department is the approval point. Users must currently have active account status.

The Request Process

To request an account, please fill out this FORM with the following information.  You may also email with your request with this information:

    • Request Account on the HPC SYSTEM:
    • Project:  Project Name or Grant Information
    • Project PI Name: PI’s-Name
    • Email Address of Requestor:

In order to grant access, the HPC administrator will verify that you are a valid grant-related user by contacting the project’s PI.  The HPC administrator will create a ticket for the network team to move the user’s system over to a BSR net, and then the administrator will create an account and close the request.

HPC System Access

  1. Users with valid VPN accounts:
    – Either the “offcampus” or “oncampus” VPN profiles will gateway you to research HPC clusters.
    – This is not a good choice for those with large data sets.
  2. Users with systems on one of the domain sub-nets:
    – Any BSU local network with a address.
  3. This cluster has its own IDM system (open-ldap) under the Bright Cluster Manager.
  4. Access client systems must have SSH (OpenSSH, Putty, Cygwin-SSH).
  5. Access client systems can use Xwindows (X11R5, Xming, X-Cygwin).


  1. Can an employee/student ask for access for themselves?
    NO. Users must be related to a funded grant, or grant-request process.
  2. Can others (Non-Boise State researchers) ask for access and/or collaborating with active faculty?
    YES. This could happen if the PI is working on a collaboration grant. Approval is required by the Vice-President of Research.
  3. How/When will access be deprovisioned/archived?
    At the end of each spring term.

For more information, please review the Account Request Frequently Asked Questions page.

Note, if the requestor is an affiliate (not paid by Boise State), download and complete the Affiliate Status Form, then contact the Office of Human Resource Services to obtain an employee ID #.